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When I log in to my Gmail account, I always see Google Reader tab, but honestly, I never tried it, or even tried to explorer it.  So, one of the requirements of the first week for ICM 501a is to set up an account there and try to add some feeds to gain “aggregating experience* . The second requirement is to try to subscribe with feeds and write about it.  Therefore, fortunately, I was able to subscribe to feeds that are really interesting for me.

First of all, I really love web applications and everything associated with it; as a result, I added “” to my list of subscriptions.  Not only it gives you feed about web applications, but also it provides you with latest news about computers. When I added this feed, there was a blog about “Google adds details to Book Search privacy policy“. It was really interesting to me to know that Google has also some privacy issues.

Secondly, I subscribed to” Cisco News“. The reason behind this subscription is I studied some of Cisco fundamentals and I always tired to keep in touch with Cisco news and updates. Thirdly, I subscribed to “Computer programming news“. This website particularly drew my attention because it has amazing blogs about latest computer news and some information about programming.

Finally, I subscribed to “Connecticut Breaking news” in order to know what is happening in Connecticut and to be up-to-date with what is going on, especially H1N1 horrible news.

Hopefully you found my “aggregating experience” interesting.


* Words that are in red colors are links; click on them to see the target website.

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