Games, Simulators, and Education

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In the past, people think that games are only for children. No one could imagine that there will be time that adults play games. Well, during the last two decades, games have changed dramatically, including the concept, the level of interactivity, and the level of difficulty. Simulators also open new doors for the future of education. Furthermore, people, nowadays, are discussing the notion that games or simulators can be used as a teaching tool for children. Games are very powerful tool that could change the future of learning and acquiring the basic amount of knowledge. Today, I am going to discuss games or simulators as a teaching tool, and the idea that it could enhance the acquiring ability of our children.

Simulators and soldiers

I would like to refer to Professor Alex in his lecture on “the place of gaming in interactive communication“. He mentioned that games are the best way to learn. He provided an example that simulators are being used in the military field to teach soldiers new language skills. Well, from my own experience, I would like to support Professor Alex’s idea. I was working for five years in the military field and I had the opportunity to witness how soldiers learn through simulators and games. Actually, they take three month course to master driving the light armored vehicles. When they finish the three months course, they will be qualified to take a driving license. The department in which I was working didn’t care about the actual driving skill for the armored vehicles, but they care the most about passing the simulated course. I would strongly agree that games and simulators can be used as teaching tool. Moreover, Abt, C.C. (1970) in an article called “Serious gamesstated that “there is no reason why the learning analysis and planning of such a process in the form of games should be limited to military problems”.  I totally agree with author that we should use games or simulators to enhance the current system of education for children and we should not limit it to the military field. I think that children will most likely be learning from games, because they spend too many hours on them and eventually they will learn from the source that they really love.

 Games and business

I would like to mention an additional aspect of using games in the business world. Well, personally, I love to watch a T.V. series called “everybody loves Raymond“. I never checked their website before, but when I went Google and type the name of the show, then I browsed their website, I discovered that they are a lot of games associated with the show. All famous characters are simulated in a form of a game. The website has lots of interactive games that provide an experience about the characters of the show. Not only this T.V. shows have these kinds of games or simulators, but also the movie industries are using these games or simulators; for example, if you check Madagascar 2, you will notice that they create the same kind of experience. Well, my point is these shows or movies are using games or simulators to teach their fans or audiences something. I noticed that they are successful in doing that and I learned many things about the show from these interactive games.


To sum up, I have mentioned that games or simulators can be used as a teaching tool effectively. My proposal is educators should use games to teach children and young people. Games or simulators are being used in the business world as a teaching tool to provide the experience that they want to deliver. After all, games or simulators play an integral part in the process of education and should be inserted in the education system. 

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