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Thinking of the world today, new trends of communications have emerged. Many people are trying to predict the “new line” of modern media. Yet, the predictions of how the future of communications will be are very vague. Moreover, new communication technologies create new contexts for communication in very unique ways from both print media and electronic mass media. The revolution of technology, such as the Internet, has embedded new lights to the ways of how people interact and also how people perceive the media. In this post, I will focus on the role of social interaction in making the next generation of media, the increased nonmarket production of people, and the participation of  social interaction in building new technologies.

Social interactions and the next generation of media

Nowadays, new concept of consumers’ interaction has been established. People tend to take part in the new rules of making the media. Jenkins, H. (2006), in his book Convergence Culture, Introduction: “Worship at the Alter of Convergence” mentioned the term “participatory culture“, which contrasts the traditional notions of “passive media spectatorship”. Furthermore, Jenkins introduced the idea that media producer and consumers interact with each others and build a new set of rules for the new generation of media. He also introduced the “media convergence” and he mentioned that “convergence occurs that within the brains of individual consumers and social interaction with others. Each of us constructs our own personal mythology from bits and fragment of information extracted from the media flow” (p.3&4). In fact, consumers through social interactions are making new trends of media. The power of new platforms of social interaction is changing the media contents and forcing the media to take social interaction in stride to be up-to-date with the next generation of media.

Nonmarket production of people

Recently, certain groups of people established nonmarket organizations. The goal of these organizations is to create a sense of altruism. Many people voluntarily give up some resources to make someone else better. In addition, the rise of these groups is making social interaction a powerful tool against industrial information economy. Benkler, Y. (2006), in his book: Wealth of Networks, Introduction, stated that “the rise of greater scope for individual and cooperative nonmarket production of information and culture, however, threatens the incumbents of the industrial information economy” (p.2). Benkler continued his discussion about the nonmarket production of people by mentioning that “at the beginning of the twenty-first century, we find ourselves in the midst of a battle over the institutional ecology of the digital environment“. Nonmarket production of these organizations is certainly altering the way of how well-networked people can present a strong perspective. These people can affect how others can see the world and how we can reshape the world the future.

Social interaction and new technologies

Lately, many people share their photos on the internet. They tend to do that in order to make a better interaction with people and to make a better social networking. Well, if go to Flickr, you will discover that there are million of images there. I never thought, even for a moment, that there will be a new technology that assembles all these pictures and put them in one creative program in order to create multi-resolution and 3D experience. In fact, Blaise Aguera y Arcas announced a demo of a program called “Photosynth“. This amazing software that could convert the way we look at digital images. Some people called it “the best thing happened in the field of photography after the invention of the digital camera”. Social interaction definitely helps to create this amazing technology. That is far beyond of anyone’s expectation of how social interaction could contribute to the invention of new technologies. 


To sum up, I have mentioned three points of how social interaction is taking an active part in the process of shaping the future. I began with the idea that social interaction is changing the rules and definitions of making the next generation of digital media. Also, I defined the importance of nonmarket production of people and how they change and reshape the future, and I concluded with the notion that social interaction can contribute in the creation of technologies. After all, social interaction can be seen in a totally new light in the future of digital communications.

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