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I would like to begin with referring to my lovely classmate qulaurie, in her recent post “Not Immediately Delicious“. I would have to disagree with her perspective. Well, Delicious is really delicious. But, let me give you a background about the situation here.

First of all, one of the requirements of this week for ICM 501a is to try to have an experience with “How delicious” is Delicious, by setting up an account there and trying to tag something relevant to the course. So, while I was planning to give Delicious a try, I saw qulaurie’s comment that Delicious is not really delicious. So, I went to Prof. Alex’s post in order to know what to do and I opened the website in order to do the required steps.

After that, honestly, I was disappointed with Delicious. I said: What ? Is this all about bookmarking? Why do I waste my time in bookmarking my stuff online? Then, I said, No! It has to be about something more than bookmarking and It has to be something I didn’t notice. Therefore, I went to my lovely and best website ever, “Youtube” and I searched for something to explain how “Delicious” works. I found this video, and I will post it in order to see how amazing is Delicious.

At this point, I understood the idea of Delicious and I began to bookmark useful stuff. I bookmarked a very cool website, which is Beginners Web Design Tutorial. This websites helps people who are interested in web designing. Also, I bookmarked an intersting blog about Ten ways market your blog on Twitter without being a spammer.

Finally, I discovered that Delicious is a very powerful tool that easily enables social bookmarking. Actually, you can add people or your friends there and you can search for something interesting, in addition to the idea that you can organize your bookmarks easily from any computer and access them too. Please add me on Delicious in order to share more of our bookmarks. My user name is: “m7aamd”. After all, I have to say that “Delicious is really delicious”.

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