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Mystic Aquarium

on Apr 23, 2010 in ICM 501a

Here is my journey to Mystic Aquarium. I hope that you enjoy the video.


RFID: A look into the future

Technology, currently, is continuously changing. Throughout the last decade, the vast majority of people were competing to get the latest technology they could afford; on the other hand, what seems top-notch technology seven years ago, for example, is out-of-date in today’s world. Countless inventions and innovations are simply dying, for instance, CDs, fax machines, and [...]


Legal issues for “Snacktivity”

on Nov 16, 2009 in ICM 501a, Module 6: Legal Issues

My teammate Wel comm has just published a post about: Legal issues for snacktivitymom.com. Due to the fact that I am working in a group, that also includes Thinking Allowed, and we did our work as a team from our last meeting, we decided that  Wel comm posts and we link to him. In addition, the founder of the “Snacktivity” is [...]


Privacy Invasion

on Nov 16, 2009 in ICM 501a, Module 6: Legal Issues

Technological advancements, in today’s world, have enabled many people to live decently. Numerous inventions and innovations have improved the standards of people’s life. The invention of the Internet, for instance, had a major impact on everyone. Who could possibly imagine that the internet will evolve to be one of our daily routines? In addition, certain [...]


Users’ needs expand

My teammates Thinking Allowed and Well comm have published an expand on the users’ needs assignment that I have already published. Due to that fact that we met little bit early and we finalized the assignment before we see professor Halavais latest post on the “Users and Personae“, we decided that we will expand on the assignment in different posts [...]

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